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Haiku my Heart #25 Heart Focused Haiku

Recuerda mi Corazon
For Haiku my Heart Posts

My yoga practice usually leaves me a little lighter, 
this week we focused on the 
heart chakra gratitude meditation,
I left my class with a feeling 
of belonging to something greater than self!

Often times when my mind is busy,
 all thoughts running riot,
I can feel overwhelmed, 
I find sitting and focusing 
on the breath soothing and comforting.

(")_(")  happy easter 


Spadoman said…
Oh Ms. Foxy.... This is such a beautiful Hailu and story. We walked together today. I was full of anxiety earlier for a variety of reasons. As I walked from the crowded parking lot to the entry of the grocery store, I knew I could do something about it, so I said to myself, "Listen to yourself breathe." I did so, and calmed right down. So happy to see you feeling "high" on spirit. Peace to you my friend.
gemma said…
LOVE this
Terena said…
I breathed deeper after reading this. truly beautiful. thank you
Noelle Renee said…
Sue ,
This is lovely. Your images are so restful and I love the Shadow rabbit Mudra. I went to a Buddhist Psychology Retreat last week and we spent the whole day meditating and focusing on the breath. Mindful meditation. I was able to draw on it during the week in moments of stress. We also did a Loving Kindness meditation. I think that these meditations truly broaden the spiral don't they so that one feels such a oneness with others and with the universe.
Namaste Sue,
Noelle x
Hi Sue~ Your weaving of photo montage, haiku, and meditative poem leaves me calm and at peace: namaste, sister-on-this-earth.
The sunsets bring the rest of nightfall, the elongated hands bring grace, the peach-colored flower brings the beauty of nature. I was wondering if the cute handmade animal was a donkey? Stretching in a yogalike position? The mudra in the upper left is said to represent the connection between inner energy (intuition) and outer energy (inspiration).
I love to place a bolster under my chest and ocean breathe. I can feel my heart open up which is the most amazing feeling...
I loved your post; it was especially rich in feeling and depth as it coincided with Good Friday... Wishing you a blessed Easter, Love, Margaret
Carola Bartz said…
Sue, such a wonderful collage, and the words go so well with it.
My garden haven said…
Exhale rippling waves...I'll try that in mynext meditation session. Should have a soothing effect.
Meri said…
So beautiful and peaceful. . . and ours for the taking, if we're willing to receive. Lovely!
Ramesh Sood said…
Currently I am going through a little difficult's time of transition..form a settled life to a little unsettled one.. due tochange of job... these lines here and picture provide solace and show the way too... I want to remain focused on practicing happiness..and therefore..when i came here a little restless..I received all the calmness there is.. Thank you..
rebecca said…
dear one,

i feel deeply loved in your words, your mothering, your tenderness.
thank you for tucking your care in here and there to fortify wobbly hearts.

may all the love you give so generously return to you forever and a day.

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