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On Words

On grey, wavering days
be opening your gate to love
speak consolingly...

It's a whole month since I posted here and to tell you the truth it's hard, very hard... I so want to carry on posting but what with the lack of 'blogtivity' these days I'm finding it depressing. I knew things would take on a downward spiral when bloggers began to switch off their comments buttons for whatever reason, internet trolls etc... I don't really understand this? If anyone would like to enlighten me on something I'm missing? Personally I feel if people take the time to read my posts at my invitation then surely it is a two way street that should allow for response and feedback which builds up and strengthen the bonds of communication so needed in our world...

Now after my little rant, getting that off of my chest I'm glad to report while on the subject of communication and words that I'm feeling a really positive vibe about my latest endeavor into the world of Instagram, posting image and haiku most days.  As mentioned in my previous post the therapeutic benefits of matching haiku with image is great and a lovely practice, but alas for me one I have to work on! Yes although I have participated in Haiku my Heart's weekly line-up for years I have tended not to get too serious about haiku as my prime creative output, it has always been about the image but now I'm discovering I have a new enthusiasm for putting more meaning into my haiku, this is mainly because when I look back I can see my lack, so onward and upwards, I must see how I can hone in on this craft.  I am not a natural wordsmith but I'm intrigued by words and their import! I have recently subscribed to the Merriam Webster's Word of the Day message on my phone...

A chance remark from the lady who I'm purchasing my new home from who incidentally is a life coach resonated with how I feel about words, she said "I love words" and you could clearly see this as her child's room was plastered with words and their meaning... The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz has also been instrumental in building up my appreciation for the beautiful gift of words, clearly conveying the importance of using this powerful gift for building up and not tearing down... If you haven't already done so I highly recommend this book it is unusual but a very thought provoking piece of writing!

"Be impeccable with your word"
"Your word is the power that you have to create"
"what you dream, what you feel and what you really are will all be manifested through your word"
"Your word is the most powerful tool you have as a human it is the tool of magic"

Excerpts from The Four Agreements.

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gma said…
Wonderful to see you here again Sue. I love words as well. My haiku's sometimes suffer as I struggle with what's in my heart vs what is in my vocabulary. However it is a practice I continue. Sending my love.
Lea said…
I am always so happy to visit here dear Sue and soak up your gifts. I too have found the days of blogging changed, mostly by other social media outlets, that have just not worked for me. I find that they suck away my energy, rather than inspiring me to live my life (away from the computer or smart phone) with a deeper awareness. Like choosing words. My practice of Friday haiku has gone through so many ups and downs, the connections over the years, some have strengthened and some have fallen away... but my choosing seventeen syllables and a photo (or more) to go with it has deepened me and given voice to places in me that are unspeakable, sadness and joy. Sometimes it has been all I can do to write those words and put them out into the ethers... so thank you for this wavering gate, the invitation to pass through and share our love of words and artmaking and speaking from the heart. XOXOXO
Meri said…
Love your banner, Sue. Your image is haunting and your words, beautiful. I don't understand why people shut off comments either -- one blogger I know does that and I don't know why. Like you, I want the call and response of blogging.
carol l mckenna said…
Love your photo and (incidentally I read that a haiku with a photo is called a haiga and the photo need not match the words )~ so be creative with your words and photography ~ there are still many bloggers that are commenting and you will find them or they will find you ~ wonderful haiku you have written ~ trust yourself and the Four Agreements is a wonderful book ~ thanks,

Wish you a Happy Week ahead ~ ^_^
rebecca said…
dearest sue,
my heart is always deeply touched when you appear. thank you for reaching out and sharing your feelings and image-so gorgeous in truth and raw beauty. i am looking forward to hearing more about your new abode. until then please know the door of my heart is always open.
My belated response to your little rant: Blogging ain't what it used to be...unfortunately. However, I'm glad you're still at it, if even sporadically. Blessings!
Gotham Girl said…
I really spent a lot of time making the decision to turn off my comments. With the political world, I just can't believe the backlash that I received so I had to take some time to think deeply about what my blog was all about. So after some soul searching I've come to the conclusion about myself that if I didn't blog, I would not be as disciplined to do a private written journal. I want to one day, as I age and if my memory fails (due to family members having Alzheimer's) I want to put my postings in a book. Or perhaps several books since I've posted for about nine years now. So this was a personal decision for me. But I do enjoy blogs as well as instagram and certainly yours as well. But it was the personal decision to continue to update my blog for the purpose of using an on-line software program that will take my Wordpress platform and turn it into book(s.) Like others, my heart is always touched when I go out to see if you've updated. Sending my best...

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