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Friday, 29 July 2016

Norwegian Dreamscape Expanded

Meditation Morn
My Dreamscape Meanderings
Heavenly pass~time 

I rose early the first morning at dawn, although I'm not sure if it was dawn really as Norway is after all the land of the midnight sun!  Anyway it was an exceptional time to experience the fjords we were told so I crept out of the cabin, being careful not to disturb my sleeping partner and up onto the open deck.   I was the first to appear, only the staff were out arranging the loungers. What a wonderful feeling almost alone on this massive liner feeling totally in awe of both my traveling home and the deep fjord waters we were slipping silently through.

I climbed up the stairs to the highest deck and stood in absolute amazement at the sheer beauty of this place, I thought I could hear some kind of faint mysterious musical notes, to this day I'm still not sure whether this was my imagination going into overdrive at the whole mystical experience or a distant melody carrying through on the air.....

Later after breakfast not having come down from the most surreal morning I sat quietly by the window basking in the reflections of sea birds floating alongside our starboard view.

It was the strangest of feelings but at the same time it felt very intimate in this watery dreamscape. Like the birds and I along with the slowly moving and changing scenery were all at one, blending and merging so naturally. I felt as though I had undergone a kind of deep spiritual bonding with my environment, something was lastingly imprinted onto my mind, heart and being, I am forever changed.

As you will notice most of the above images are artistic reflection impressions of my time on the fjords. This dreamlike landscape that I found myself merging into I have called my dreamscape. I have hundreds of beautiful accurate representations of the landscape, too many to display here but for me the experience lives on so vividly when I spend time with my passion of creatively pushing the boat out so to speak, meditating on these images, intuitively exploring how I can express further my innermost thoughts and feelings through both words and image.
Little did I know way back when I first picked up my camera taking holiday snap shots where this would all lead, what rich depths of discovery were in store for me! How my life story could be told passionately through the lens, enabling such awareness and gratitude for life.
BTW ~  I did not use my big camera on this trip, I used a small compact and sometimes my smart phone. I did not want to be encumbered with the weight and I wanted to keep my awareness free from disruption by technicalities, I shoot in automatic ~ always!

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Celestine Nudana said...

Lovely post.

Mystic Meandering said...

Oh I *love* your "mystical" experience. I feel it deeply in the way you express it, words and images. I love all your photos, but the one that speaks to me is the hand in the ocean - like the "Invisible Hand" in the unseen Depths of our Being - if you know what I mean... As you say, who would have known that your rich experience would change you. Your experience touches me deeply - the "rich depths of discovery" indeed! - "keeping your awareness free" to take in your experience. I need to practice this in my everyday life! :) I am so happy for you! Thank you for sharing! <3

Lea said...

Hello dear Sue! Thank you so for bringing us along on this amazing trip! Your photos do feel like a dreamscape... and take me to a contemplative state... I love seeing the world through your eyes and lenses... and too, can almost make out that mystical tune... XOXOXO

Gotham Girl said...

Dreamscape Meanderings...I was already in a world of bliss with those words before I could even continue on...Thank you for sharing your surreal mornings...and those amazing reflections. The 6th one down (the portrait) is my favorite!

gma said...

Wow! I had an under the sea life changing experience earlier this year. These photos and the mood that they portray are wonderful.

J C said...

Exciting! Thank you for sharing.

carol l mckenna said...

Divine haiku and so glad you receiving joy from you Norway experience ~ Photography is so creative ~ indeed touched by the divine within you and around you ~

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Thank you for inviting us into your dreamscape!

rebecca said...

oh to feel you on the open waters! knowing that your heart and eyes, every fiber of your being breathed in every moment for the spiritual gift that exists in every moment-both sea and land, in song and memory, in the promise of a new day unfolding. your camera is an extension of your love seeking soul and through this strong connection you have gifted each of us a view inward into the heart of the heart of the heart. i love you my friend. my heart is full in your sweet presence.