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Friday, 1 April 2016

A Time for everything

fearless photographs
turning up just as you are
hidden heart revealed

I have been away from my regular practice of blogging from the heart for quite a while now. Since my love passed away my heart has been broken in so many ways and has felt quite numb at times so my photography and posting has been sporadic, and yet, I still have this yearning within to express, be heard and be seen....
For the artist this is something that cannot be denied as it starts to build up around the heart wanting to be released out into the world of community, so I make my offering, it is a self-portrait, not a usual self-portrait that you would expect but a symbolic one a reflective mood of the time through my kitchen window. 
These images are part of a series that were taken when my love was suffering in hospital, I found solace in those difficult days through photography but the images were raw and I had to keep them concealed, concealing my broken heart.  I haven't been able to make them visible until now almost two years later. There is a time, a season for all things, I feel the time has come to honour my feelings make visible my self-portrait and release my stuck feelings into the universe...  
I join with Rebecca who is featuring Deb Taylor's beautiful self-portraiture photography and like minded community to share myself knowing I will be among a circle of friends.
Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon


Cathy Keller said...

My sincerest sympathy in your loss. Your post genuinely touches my heart. Wishing you fulfillment and consolation!

Lea said...

Dearest Sue... this is so achingly beautiful and courageous. Thank you for this image. For these words that speak the unspeakable and give language to such love... I will come back again and again to read then and to bask in the light that shines through all the brokenness. It is a healing balm for me. XOXOXO

carol l mckenna said...

Sending you lots of 'distant reiki' healing energy hugs as you walk through life and loss ~ not an easy one to do ~ know that your 'love' is 'watching over you' and you are blessed with many warm memories of life with him ~

Your photography is exquisite and so creative ~

Wishing you peace in each day ~ ^_^

gma said...

We are here for you with love, as you reveal your truth
brave one.

Anne Jeffries said...

Dear Susan,

Your journey has been a long and sad one. We, who know you from afar, have watched from afar. We held you up with our thoughts and prayers and you are now re-emerging into the light. We are so happy to see you on your way back


deb did it said...

Dear Sue,
I am honored to be here to witness your brave beauty.
Self portraiture can be so healing, so powerful.
This is a very brave share and I uplift your broken heart.
Continue to be seen, express and share, because you are held in safe space.
And you are loved.
I am so sorry for your loss.
May you continue to shine your light.

Gotham Girl said...

I come here often to see if you have wonderful to find an update are in my daddy passed away two years ago and I've been broken hearted. I know a daddy isn't a spouse...but he was my best friend.

rebecca said...

i am so deeply moved by your self portrait-even in its infancy of loss and suffering it held and continues to reveal such promise, hope, healing and extraordinary love. the solitary glint of your wedding ring, your hand comforting your own heart, and the way your shawl is interwoven in all the yielding and rebirth of spring.

as are you my darling,


suzanne said...

what an example of brave beauty...of the courage and honesty with the ache that you carry. what i also see within your image is the color of hope as she reaches in to help you cradle the weight of your grief. so beautiful

Gillena Cox said...

Sorry to hear of your loss Susan; be comforted and blessed through your creative process

much love...

joanna uk said...

here's hoping that your are well on the way of finding new bliss.
Are you walking the towpath?
Thank you for those perceptive words on my pony post.

joanna uk said...

where in wales?
Wherever - excellent choice. Looked around Newport on the Pembrokeshire coastal path?
[Feel free to delete my personal comments]