Finding my Bliss

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Around Each Corner ~ Pictures Telling Stories

This wasn't a brilliant picture I'd taken with my phone at the airport but there was something attracting me to it so I spent a little time editing.  At first I thought it was the composition's vertical and octagonal lines, the repeated patterns or reflections that I found interesting, but on further contemplation I realised it was something other drawing my attention, something deeper to do with the human story.

There was a fascination going on with the two older figures and their two suit-cases striding under the clock, also the way my son in the foreground seemed to be gazing their way in deep thought, this sparked my interest! I was picking up on nostalgia and poignancy here...

After studying this image for a while I realised the significance ~

There was my youngest son only just starting out on his family journey, made me think of what lies ahead for him and, of course, the answer is no one really knows.  But was he wondering about this as he looked on at the couple leaving the building?  Probably not, and perhaps this is just my romanticised story view, but it could have been! On the other hand the older couple who may have grown-up children of their own might well be leaving that part of their life behind, family life, heading just the two of them for the final journey together, as symbolised by the timekeeper they were walking under. What's around the corner for them know one knows, just the same...  

A year ago this was me and my love walking the last part of our journey together, as I said poignant, painfully... I read today about trusting the rhythms of life being ready for what the seasons hold, this image signifies just that ~ embracing and trusting life in all of it's shades...

This was a lovely up-building post ~ one to read for a reminder!

Do you have images that tell stories?

Friday, 20 February 2015

Words from the Master ~ Everything Belongs

I'm an aspiring writer, this writing awareness has evolved...
I don't think I would have come to this realisation, that I can actually write
had it not been for my blog and the love of photography staged here,
but due to use my desire to write has grown little by little... sigh!

I have always loved to read a good line or two,
sometime ago I came across a 'master', a 'master' of this writing craft!
I asked him if I may use his words on my blog from time to time
with credit of course, he agreed,
with no further ado
here we go ~

Feeling my path

Posted by Simon Parke, 18 February 2015, 5.57am

I will proceed slowly this Lent season.
I may walk fast, for life goes on;
but I will live slow,
noting the sky, feeling the path beneath my feet, noting the moment:
When I open the curtains
When I catch the bus
Meet my friend
Butter the toast
Sit with pain
Make the coffee
Take the call
Sooth the tears
Bored to tears
Struggle to love
Jealous thoughts
The kingdom of god
The kingdom of crap
Feel the peace
Ponder this spring
Cry despair
Labour to work
Shine at work
Stand my ground
Stand in awe
Give to the poor
Browse online
Worry for tomorrow
Find the calm
Everything belongs
Close the curtains

Moving fast but living slow, noting the sky, feeling my path and no moment lost,
No rush to a better place
For I am here now. 

Monday, 16 February 2015

The Green Light...

The new camera I bought before my love died almost a year ago now still lies in it's box, used only a couple of times! My old faithful light catcher, bound by an elastic band to keep the batteries from falling out is the one I cling to for ease and comfort of the familiar, even though I know she is an aging lady like me, not quite as sharp and perhaps not as bedazzling as her modern counterparts. Having said that she continues to amaze me with her images...

I'm clinging to the familiar, it's like I'm waiting for the lights to change for a shift from the static to pick up from where I left off before my love died, waiting for the signal, the green light to release me from this stuckness to move forward, maybe for a speedy get-away! I've had this kind of paralysis over the last few months, I thought the grieving for my love would be melting away by now, that I would be emerging with renewed vigour with the promise of spring, but no I'm trapped for the time being.  However, some of this state hinges on things that are beyond my control to change, things like finding out if my home is going to be purchased by the government due to the fact they are proposing to place their high speed train track opposite my front door...

Though I have felt stuck and bowed low I have not given way to feelings of hopelessness, even with a daily amount of anxiety added like today for example my dog is in for a biopsy and the rat catcher has just left the house after dealing with the 'uninvited' up in the roof space!!  This time of laying low has had me burrowing down into warm fertile soil, feeling the soft comfort of soul-mates and finding nourishment in the form of wise words... I continue to sift and sort, weighing what lines up with my core, what resonates...

When the lights change I will be ready!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Today I'm...

Seeing ~   buds waiting to open
Thinking ~   I must bide my time to sparkle again
Feeling ~   restrained but not broken
Intuiting ~   there's something good on the horizon.

"This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you".  Hafiz  
 SourceLove is a Place

Monday, 9 February 2015


"People are like stained glass windows:
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,

but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within".

Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross    

Source ~ word for the day.