Finding my Bliss

Friday, 2 January 2015

Shadow of Former Self

They had barely dried
and, before I had chance to lift them, my outstretched wings,
I was floored once more.

They were folding in on themselves damp and dank,
resembling limp foliage that had dared to embrace spring's early sun
only to be dashed back to the frozen earth.

I was grounded without a stirring wind to raise any hope
and, the flight path was now obscured, so I lay mute
for my speech had become stunted, I was in a stuck place with seemingly
no words of wisdom to impart...

I reached for the medicine cabinet knowing my situation was dire...
fumbling for anything that would infuse my spirit,
some connection to hope, love and creativity...
having become a shadow of my former self,
yearning, needing embodiment...

The medicine cabinet was in easy reach,
just a click away would put me in-touch with vital support systems
containing all manner of nourishment.  I knew for I had been
there before many times visiting kind and loving friends,
wise word healing sages and connecting to
visionaries with magical formulas.

But a small gentle voice began to whisper from within
"there, there, its all there deep down inside, at the core in
your special place of silence and knowing, nothing is ever lost
just obscured from view for a time. A time for stillness, a time for healing
for just being, for attached to every shadow is a body and attached to every body
is the everyday miracle of growth and renewal the pure potential for Hope.
Believe and Trust the process..."


Mystic Meandering said...

How very beautiful this is Sue... I got goosebumps just reading through it... You have a way with words, dear heart - creating such heart stirring imagery with them, as well as your photo above. You *are* courageously creative! I *know* the feeling of being "a shadow of your former self", and how painful that is... AND - have also discovered, like you, that "the medicine" is all within... Your own inner wisdom is so beautiful here: that the silence and stillness heals - I can only say yes...

Love,Love,Love my dear friend...

foxysue said...

Thank you Christine, I have not been here for some weeks and feels somewhat like my first post!

Mystic Meandering said...

Perhaps just a new beginning :)

Monica M said...


beautiful in it's gentle sadness and hope.
so right, so vital - nothing is ever lost.

and the image has touched a chord within me today.