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What is Art ? ~ I am Art?

I had a hard time of it as an 'art student'!
The course was what they termed 'self-led'.
I was thrown in at the deep end, technique instruction was a no no,
finding one's own way through research and experimentation was the path to self expression..

This was at the time when Tracey Emin was making her conceptual Bed Art!
For me there wasn't much in the way of positive encouragement, my work being worthy!
The relationship with my tutor Mr Salt was a 'love ~ hate' one, I loved the passion intrigue and excitement
he evoked for the 'modern way', but I hated the lack of feedback about my work, the only comment I remember was "this looks awkward".  A number of the students dropped out of the course expecting a more 'traditional' approach, copying the 'masters' etc!

I made it my goal to finish the course through sweat, blood and tears, I remember my final comments to the tutors which I can tell you did not go down well ~

"whether you approve of my work or not, I am an artist, I have always been an artist, it is in my blood, it is what I do".

These days I would take that even further, I would say I am art! my life is art! much like the way Tracey Emin expressed herself, through 'herself', showcasing her everyday activity conceptually, her inner experience of life was made manifest, portrayed through the everyday things of life.

My Art Gallery where I showcase myself is this on-line space where I document my story, my life,
from moment to moment, day to day through the years of  ~ Finding my Bliss

Yes I am Art ~ You are Art!

Art as I see it is the way we express our innermost Self
a revealing of the unseen, through our stories, the happy or sad,
told to the world through our words, images, music...

I'm a blank canvas
where I paint my life stories,
throughout all seasons...

Sending my thoughts to ~

Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon


I like the idea that every day, we have a brand new blank canvas to start over with, to create whatever we choose for that day.
carol l mckenna said…
Love 'blank canvas' fresh start ~ lovely haiku!

Happy Weekend to you!
artmusedog and carol
A Creative Harbor
judie said…
Awesome haiku. Says so much.
Lea said…
Love this Sue! What a realization this is... the story itself, a piece of art, finding where the pieces fit, making it your own... I feel so fortunate to live this way, and to have sisters like you, to share these masterpieces with... XO
Oh yes! I totally agree :) You/We ARE Art Itself! :) Art, or writing, *are* such deep expressions of our "inner most Self" - our Divine Being: creating, expressing, playing in the story of Life. Love the video: "art speaks to a deeper ecstatic Truth." YES!
Thanks for your comment on my post today :)
Norma Ruttan said…
I have often told my students that we are fortunate to be able to begin each day anew. But...your words paint the picture so much more eloquently.
gma said…
Beautiful Sue. It is a joy to express ourselves artfully any way that pleases us.
Gillena Cox said…
very awesome haiku

much love...
annieelf2012 said…
I entirely agree with you Sue. While I admire your guts for sticking it out, I too would have been a drop out. I find this form of instruction nothing less than lazy and selfish; it is completely designed to discourage the fledgling artist who has more questions than understanding at the beginning. I've known enough teachers like this, so much so, that I skip the classes now. If I want to know something, I look for a tutorial and/or talking to another working artist (not teacher).
There's no such thing as "out of season" for an artist, is there? ;)

Late Haiku My Heart
sperlygirl said…
you, friend, are a work of art!
As Rebecca suggested, please use last week’s link to share your new haiku for November 21st. Click here for the link: Haiku My Heart at Recuerda Mi Corazon

Thank you!

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