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Coming Out ~ Expressing 'our' unique

Rapid cycling is a term sometimes used in explaining states of mental health,
I am given to 'rapid cycling'!  It comes as part of my creativity package!

When I'm cycling downward the feeling is low, low, like I get to feeling life is a chore, so darn hard work!
Conversely it is true for up-cycling. I get high as a kite, way up high, light and in love with my life!
This is why I'm prepared to put up with the lows without any medical modifications...

I want to be 'present' to all the parts of my life,
the entirety of me, for this is how I am able to express my unique.

This is how I 'Define the Divine' as beautifully expressed in this post by Connie at 
Dirtyfootprints Studio ~ It's Art

The post describes my way of saying the same thing, I call it ~ 'Align the Divine',
I resonate so much with this thought of connecting back to Source and our using the unique expressions we each have as a means of illuminating the gift of Being...

For Connie her connection to Divine is art, which is her beautiful intuitive painting,
on the other hand my connection to the Divine is photography.
For awhile I felt somewhat diminished by the fraternity of painters,
feeling they have exclusive rights on intuition in the art world. The reason being
I thought, that it was easier to express art intuitively through mark making and painting than photography.

However, I have revised my opinion!

The camera in my mind is nothing but a tool, just like the paintbrush,
or any other medium for the purpose of revealing our inner unique expression and
connection to the Divine.

So I have taken heart from this new paradigm shift, I'm coming out on this my 500th post and declaring ~

Intuitive Photography ~ My way of Defining the Divine!

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Incredible, exquisite photo! I love it! It certainly "reflects" your "divine connection"! Am glad that you are re-claiming your unique expression of the Inner Divine connection through photography! I too am re-discovering this sense of connection with the Divine within. Silence has become my "yoga" - i.e: experiencing union with the Divine. How that expresses hasn't been *clearly* revealed as yet. I suspect through writing and photography as well... We shall see :) I'm still incubating... :)
Heart Hugs!
Redondowriter said…
You describe so beautifully your creativity and how you have learned to find the divine in the highs and lows. I love your friends' painting, but I love your photography, too.
suzanne said…
as we all view our journey through our own lens, and express with what tools we feel most drawn to, neither the tool, nor the product diminish the view. it is intuitively and expressively yours. and yours, my friend, is a gift.
somepinkflowers said…
{{ oh oh
dear Sue ::

i have often felt the same way
about painting & photography ...

my 'self*talk'
is the worse ...

""you only snapped a picture""
i say to myself
having spend time
with other Painting artists
i am feeling differently ...

standing in the Same Spot
capture different images ...

the art of seeing

thank goodness !!

details we include
details leave out
= the paint colors }}

~~Align the Divine~~

you rock with it,
my friend

Annie said…
My lows last forever and the plateaus, when getting back up,even longer. Then there is the sharp punctuation of creativity, the moment when something is selected, attempted, created. Then all the waiting and watching for it is worth it.
rebecca said…
dear sue,
i am so humbled and honored to call you friend. thank you for your orchestra of trust. your willingness to not only discover your truth; but to generously share it. so much light and gorgeous unraveling in your way of seeing. the world is more beautiful with you in it.
Cat said…
"I want to be 'present' to all the parts of my life,
the entirety of me, for this is how I am able to express my unique."

first of all
your words are ART!!!
and i so get your words here...the expression of photography
is this an art?
i say yes
yes yes
of course I could be slightly bias, but
what the hell
it is a way I express
a way you express
our form of creativity
that to me

love you soul lovely lady
love and light
Patricia Turner said…
Congratulations on your 500th post! I've just discovered your blog but am thoroughly enjoying it. Keep up the wonderful posts and ride those peaks and valleys of experience...they are all part of the journey!
Stephanie said…
You are absolutely right...your photography is your divine you and to all of us.

Your images never fail to inspire me.

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