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With Love from Paradise

My old campervan 'Celeste' returned from our latest wanderings on the back of a lorry,
she is very very sick, but my love is taking good care of her
and she is undergoing restorative treatment!

In the mean time we have pastured her for recuperation
in the most beautiful, peaceful spot in our garden,
next to the pond looking out to the countryside. 
We sat with/in her for awhile today,
a kind of 'staycation'.

The views are just as stunning here as anywhere,
I am so grateful for the paradise we tend...
the fields beyond are now being harvested and as I sat
sipping wine with my love I zoomed in with the lens....

I have much admiration for my farmer neighbours,
they work so hard in all weathers but
today must have been a sheer pleasure for them,
the sun has been shining...

It wasn't until editing the images that I realised this was a family affair,
when you look closely (click the image) at the cab of the big yellow combined harvester
you can faintly detect a mother and child helping with the big work
of gathering the Bread Basket for Britain!

Posting my day's events to ~
Postcards from Paradise


What dazzling photos! Mother and child working the land together, a wonderful way for them to bond. Thank you for sharing it's so very important for us to see the work that goes into bringing food to our tables. Found you via recuerda mi corazon.

Barbara @
Anonymous said…
Oh, isn't it good to see the harvest coming in - and great weather forecast for the Uk for the coming week. Sympathies re the camper van though - brings back memories of our Galaxy conking out in SW France a couple of years ago - not a fun experience. Lovely to meet you here via 'Postcards' :-)
Annie said…
art of clouds
art of reaping
art of raising
art of continuing
art of the earth and the family.
Stephanie said…
you DO live in peaceful and full of life. To watch those tend the fields and harvest for the community.

such pastoral beauty!!
My husband used to help work the wheat harvest on his grandparent's farm in New Mexico starting at age 8! He wasn't allowed to drive the Combine until he was 14. :) He said none of the women were allowed to drive the Combine because it was too difficult to handle. So Kudos to the woman in the photo! His Aunt would drive one of the wheat trucks that collected the wheat. Everyone helped in some way.

And you have a lovely piece of paradise! Gave me goosebumps to see the English Countryside - maybe because it is in my blood on both sides of my family! Small world, ey?
Anonymous said…
The land you work and play on is stunningly beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
I'm grateful for this glimpse of rural Britain!

Shadowy Sunrise in Paradise
Gillena Cox said…
every one of your photos, so crisp and clear

much love...
rebecca said…
dear sue,
any time i can be next to you is a sweet slice of paradise!
lovely blue skies...and since i cannot seem to get across the ocean, that insists on coming between us, i hope the shining sun will deliver a warm hug from me your way.
suzanne said…
sue - what a beautiful landscape to gaze upon...and the connection and community that arises from it is touching.
somepinkflowers said…
farming photos make me feel
so grounded
& satisfied
for some reason ...

these ones are lovely
and the golden color fine ...

in my nearest farming area
{{ 10 mins from my house }}
we have cabbage
now a cover crop
until october ...

dear sue,
clearly clearly
you should come over This Way
& meet us US*Folks !!
Norma Ruttan said…
This is a sight we were privileged to have during the 27 years of living in the country surrounded on all four sides by farm land! Thanks for telling us to click on the tractor image. What wonderful faces of a mother and child!
This is certainly Paradise!
somepinkflowers said…
{{ dear sue,
just saw your comment
on rebecca's haiku ...

here ---> ♥

thinking of you }}

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