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Haiku my Heart #37 ~ Persistence

Holding true balance
through life's turbulent ocean,
ebbs and flows in waves.
I have read, and I'm inclined to agree
the occasions of perfect balance
are few, and not held for long.

My yoga practice bears this out,
persistence is the answer!

Recuerda mi Corazon
 haiku poetry


somepinkflowers said…

we must be
in the same flow
this friday...

my haiku today
is about waves
bringing me
my balance...

isn't that something!

{{ i could almost not believe it
when i read yours }}
Spadoman said…
Yes, dear Ms. Foxy, life itself is a balancing act, and we are probably balanced more often than we realize, we just aren't paying attention. It is a good haiku that reminds of this, now it's up to us to put it into practice.

Marit said…
As a Libra ánd 'watergirl', your photo and haiku really speaks to me today. Beautiful!
rebecca said…
dear one,
even the moon waxes and wanes. it is all apart of deep mindfulness and ultimate grace.
i love the sea. such a perfect teacher always willing to reflect the light.

love to you my dear sweet friend.
My dad's favorite saying was, "Life is a series of trade-offs." The idea of balance was foreign to him. It was one thing or the other. Kinda like me!
Noelle Renee said…
My dear Sue,
I think that there are very few of us who live our lives in balance but the fact that you are disciplining yourself to a practice speaks well of your desire to have a deeper interior life. I think that is a beautiful thing. Water is a wonderful metaphor really. We are, after all 95 percent water so if there is ebb and flow in our ability to balance, perhaps it is because of the pull of the moon or the position of the planets. There are so many things involved here.
Here is a lovely little sutra to remind you about balance:
Noelle x
Nanka said…
Beautiful pictures and inspiring words!! Practice makes you perfect and what better way than Yoga to maintain balance of mind and body!! Your Haiku today are beauty and grace combined!!
totomai said…
such a gentle whisper in haiku form. lovely and touching

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