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Matrimonial Memories

crystal clear Light
shone on big blousy blooms
now fading with night
as new days loom
floral shadows are all that remain, 
a gilded band and memory
of sweet refrain


miss*R said…
I saw the photos on facebook! absolutely beautiful (cannot wait to see more!!) xoxo
[ps if I come over next year to visit Cornwall [hoping to].. do you want to meet up?]
jo©o said…
Dear Foxy,
(a.k.a. Sue :-)
Your green foliage/flower pix make me think of the word 'kindred'. Don't know if it is ever used without its sidekick 'soul', but I am using it anyways.
What kind of after taste from the wedding? Mixed feelings by the sound of it. Still, spending a few days in comfort is good for the soul.
You are on facebook? I still don't know how to open that or read it even. Nor can I tweet. I am so behind.

Astrantia is such a wonderful inbetween flower: it links foliage and flowers effortlessly.
I'll stop blabbing now. Feel free to wipe.
Boonie S said…
I love big blousy blooms.
Thanks for this enchanting post.

All the best, Boonie
rebecca said…
the soft soft pale whisper of pink and fresh and full of promise.
may it be so!!

you are in my heart.
Noelle Renee said…
Sue dear,
So very good to see you back and such beautiful memories of such a significant union in your life. I can imagine that when so much of one's self is so deeply invested with love and unflagging energy to produce a single day that the days after are surprisingly difficult ~ all purpose seeming gone. But in fact you have helped to create the greatest of happiness for two people whose lives will go on in the world. How very wonderful you are!
Carola Bartz said…
Such a great series of beautiful photos. You really work the magic, Sue.

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