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Haiku my Heart #4

last light lingers low
ocean waves farewell my friend 
house seeks substitute

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Kim Mailhot said…
That must be a veru hard place to say good bye to...
Lovely words and images today. Happy Friday !
morememes said…
Very good switch of atmosphere for line three.
First the sad departure and gentle farewell and than the brutal
"The king is dead, long live the king" sort of thing.
Clever. As is your photograph, with the same half and half idea.
Noelle Renee said…
A beautiful photograph. I love the personificaton of the light, waves, and house itself, as if they were always there, a part of the eternal and only needed an observer for completion. Lovely haiku.
Spadoman said…
The yin and yang of it all. Beautiful photo, great haiku. Nice stuff!

Southwest Arkie said…
Such a beautiful sunset, and a wonderful background for your haiku.
Inspired by your photo:

last daylight
sinking into sea
like a stone

Haiku My Heart, Dry Leaves
Charlotte said…
Haiku poetry is difficult for beginners but I am beginning to grasp the concept....I might even have a go one day...
Charlotte said…
Mum: How's this?

I am in my space
Waiting for my special male
Just come see me soon
Boonie S said…
I love the photo. Is it one of your own?
I like your alliteration too, and your very clever consonant usage.

Have a nice day, Boonie
Ramesh Sood said…
I am feeling lost.. thanks.. and therefore happier..
foxysue said…
We all feel lost but very happy!!!

It is Saturday Night X Factor Night!!!

Whoop Whoop!!!!
foxysue said…
Boonie, I like your comment, it sounds very clever too!!!!

Nice day to you my friend. x
Boonie S said…
Clever? .... I used to be.....
Thanks for your kind words.

Have another nice day, Boonie
Beautiful and so meaningful.


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