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The Full Buck Moon

First of all I just wanted to say how delighted I was this afternoon to share the dreamboard experience with another creative explorer.  We had a lovely afternoon the three of us assembling our dreams and chatting in therapy!!! 

This time I decided not to show the whole of my board because I just want to focus in on one element I've been thinking about lately, I've been trying to bring more unconditional love into my relationships, which isn't always easy! So as you can see from the extract and quote I would like to glow with love! This is a tall order but one to work towards I think?
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Jamie Ridler said…
How wonderful! I just love that photo - so full of creative mojo! And what a brilliant way to focus in on one element that you'd like to give particular attention this month: bringing unconditional love to your relationships. I imagine this month's full moon in Aquarius will lend some powerful energy to that.

May all of your dreams come true!
Marilyn said…
lovely. and i agree with Jamie--great idea to focus on ONE element of your board. wishing you powerful dreaming this full moon.
May all your dreams come to you & THANK YOU for allowing us all to see the one element you are concentrating on from your dreamboard!!!
Beverley Baird said…
maay all your dreams bear fruit this month!
Lovely image!
Ginny said…
I think focusing on one element can often be the key to success. Thank you for sharing your board and your thoughts. It was very helpful to me.
May your dreams come true, especially your focus. It's so beautifully put together, and I love how textured it looks. :)
Helen said…
What a gorgeous element in your board! May your dreams all come true!

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