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A letter from Suzy

I decided some time ago that I would have a look at the book
'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron - why? Because so many other writers referred to her work as being a 'superlative' in creative discovery and recovery.

I'm wanting to propel my own creative potential forward as part of my personal development. I've decided to embark on her 12 week course as outlined in the book. I'm working through chapter 4
'Discovering a sense of Integrity'.

One of this week's tasks in 'Buried Dreams' is to take yourself back in time remembering your childhood and the things you loved and what made you happy, then to write a letter to yourself at your present age telling you what to do!

As a child my life was full of theatrical fantasy, always wanting to perform, an errand to the shop for my mother could be a balancing scooter act, speeding down the pavement with shopping bag on handle, gracefully poised with one leg stretched behind in some ballerina pose. New tap shoes meant I had to show-off my special dancing talent, I would rehearse for ages on the garden path hoping the boys next door would see me. Of-course my favourite performance had to be the acrobatic swing displays from the old Oak tree at the top of the garden, I even organised my own show for this spectacle, tickets and all!


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