Finding my Bliss

Friday, 1 April 2016

A Time for everything

fearless photographs
turning up just as you are
hidden heart revealed

I have been away from my regular practice of blogging from the heart for quite a while now. Since my love passed away my heart has been broken in so many ways and has felt quite numb at times so my photography and posting has been sporadic, and yet, I still have this yearning within to express, be heard and be seen....
For the artist this is something that cannot be denied as it starts to build up around the heart wanting to be released out into the world of community, so I make my offering, it is a self-portrait, not a usual self-portrait that you would expect but a symbolic one a reflective mood of the time through my kitchen window. 
These images are part of a series that were taken when my love was suffering in hospital, I found solace in those difficult days through photography but the images were raw and I had to keep them concealed, concealing my broken heart.  I haven't been able to make them visible until now almost two years later. There is a time, a season for all things, I feel the time has come to honour my feelings make visible my self-portrait and release my stuck feelings into the universe...  
I join with Rebecca who is featuring Deb Taylor's beautiful self-portraiture photography and like minded community to share myself knowing I will be among a circle of friends.
Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon