Finding my Bliss

Sunday, 31 October 2010

A Tale with a Twist!

I looked through my brochure and made a mental note ....
Oct 28th, Crooked Spire Church,
"a sizzling night of driving Irish dance tunes,
hot jazz stompers 
achingly beautiful Celtic music".

I booked at the box office
pointed to the page and
quickly laid the tickets away in my bag. 
I looked forward to the evening
we dined ....
we talked ....
I took pics in the churchyard,
a beautiful haunting evening close to 
All Hallows Eve.
We entered the church ...
led to our seats ...
lights were dimmed ...
atmosphere and ambiance
as anticipated ...
and then .... 
the musicians; violin, flute, harpsichord?!?
'Well it is Irish' I thought,
out came the music sheets,
Bach's Preludes, Vivaldi's Sonata ?!?

The music commenced,
I looked at 'my love' 
he seemed to be in the 'moment',
I sat through the first 'movement'
thinking 'it's going to get a bit more livelier later'!

I sat through the second 'movement' thinking
'no Irish music I've heard is referred to as a 'movement',
but what do I know?

Interval time came,
I turned to 'my love' and asked 
"are you enjoying it?"
I could tell by the bemused look on his face, he wasn't sure!!!

"It's not what I thought" he said,
 I agreed,
"shall we make a dash for it?"

.... consulting the brochure later on, it read
Thursday 28th October Maire Ni Chathasaigh
Friday 29th October Fiori Musicali 

I ask you? 

Was it all double dutch,
a 'senior moment',
or the woman in the [] office

Friday, 29 October 2010

Haiku my Heart #4

last light lingers low
ocean waves farewell my friend 
house seeks substitute

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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Photo-story of Woolacombe ..... continued ....

The sun came out to play
and so did we
first stop on the agenda -
a peek at the neighbourhood talent 
 let's take a closer sniff
and then
perhaps a little down time on the beach
   a dog-elicious day in the sun ....
 lovely to reflect on ..... 

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Photo-story of Woolacombe

It started ominously
  I resorted to digital doodling
things of the heart!
 but then ...
   and then .....
and then ....
.... to be continued ....

Friday, 22 October 2010

The Full Harvest Moon - Sue

The Harvest Moon brings such wonderful, nostalgic memories.  Jamie Ridler says 
"This new moon is in Libra, a delicious sign of balance, 
luxury and grace."  
 that we might dream of 
"something that is simply about the delight".
This was my dreaming delight for the Full Harvest Moon.

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I'm going away for a few days dreaming, but I will be sure to visit all your boards when I return:>

The Full Harvest Moon - Charlotte

I am happily returning to the 
dreamboarding circle after a few months off ...
I took the opportunity 
while I had a sleepless night and found the exercise cathartic despite the situation ...

The luxurious theme is represented with the word
something I think a lot of us girls 
wishfully dream we are sometimes!

The words 
'you and I are made for each other'
goes out to one and all, rather than a specific person.
I hope you enjoy my dreamboard!

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Monday, 18 October 2010

Weekend Revelations!

Weekend last was a beautiful weekend, not because I did anything special 
but I shared time with my daughter and 
our boys the mutts 
Dougal & Jasper.
We walked and talked and the best bit we laughed!

This is what chuckled me!
 In my daughter's own words !!!:-)

There was a power cut at work.  
Not a lot else to do so I looked in the book cupboard and found this book called 
The Answers (Neil Somerville) 

I was intrigued.  
The instructions in the Introduction said 
"quieten your mind and think over the want to address.  
With your question firmly in mind, close your eyes and open the book at your eyes and discover the response given".

So, having been single for a while now I asked probably the most important question on my mind...

"Will I fall in love again soon?" 

I followed the instructions and the book could have opened randomly at this page

or even this page

but, it actually opened at 

The only two blank pages in the entire book! ;)

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Straight out of the Camera #1

Is it spring or is it autumn? 
I'm feeling so confused ....
the prettiest tissue petals
and the clearest sky blue hues!
Japanese  Anemone

Have a lovely day!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Bliss Bubbles

A Beautiful Place to Linger, visit  

As the sun streamed through my kitchen window, 
I had no other option, I was captivated by light .....

House fills with silence
chasing the last creak of door
bliss bubbles beckon

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Life is unbelievable

What a topsy turvy week I have had, we planned a little jaunt, actually a few days in our camper van we call 'Celeste'.  I was slow off the mark to start with, not feeling the call, but nevertheless, as my love puts such an effort into turning this 'old girl' into a little 'home from home' on wheels I set about early  Sunday morning 'loading her up'.  It takes about three hours to make sure everything we possibly need is on board, remember the post about leaving my purse behind? - well-would-you-christmas-eve-believe

We all sat there Dougal & Jasper with collars on (I leave them off at home), me having closed and bolted the door, fridge switched on, electric step hauled in and the sun was shining!  Engine ticking over and looks like we're off! Are we off ?!?! - We jolted forward and nothing, my love looked at me and said "I don't know what to say" (ah ah), "the gears won't go home"!  We sat there for about five minutes in disbelief and then slowly began to remove all the van's contents once again - huff puff!!

Several days of research and a visit to the Garage, the recommendation was "be brutal, run the engine for about one hour, lurch the old girl forward whilst breaking hard to release the fly wheel from the clutch plate, that might do the trick!".

My love was very reluctant to treat the 'old girl' so roughly, but he knew it was in her best interests, otherwise it was a major operation, and very costly!  So today taking a deep breath, knowing he had to be 'cruel to be kind' he performed the necessary, and to our delight she's purring once more, in gear!

He's avoided major surgery and we're -- o-f-f --- h-o-o-r-a-y!

I added this video, I thought it was apropos, the lovely Jamie Ridler reminded me!

Saturday, 9 October 2010


As I sit here my heart is filled with emotion.
So full, I feel like it's going to burst!
Having found something that is almost indescribable,

I will attempt:

Having travelled down many roads feeling all the time I'm going in the right direction, happy and enjoying  my journey. Taking in the beauty of the landscape, stopping for refreshment and being appreciative of all the delicious offerings to support my soul's needs along the way, but not ready to settle in any place.
That is until I stumbled upon this place!
I immediately felt at home.


What does home feel like?
It feels so comfortable that you want to sink deeper and deeper into the fluffy down of softness.
Like you want to linger longer for the love that dwells there wanting to embrace you.
Feeling sure you belong, and loved  for being you, just you.
Sharing your love there is such a beautiful experience, appreciated, reciprocated.
That's what home feels like.

Thank you for the welcome!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Remembering Chris

My haiku is in memory of a person I only knew as Chris.  
Acquainted from a distance but feeling a closeness and deep sense of sadness at her passing away. 
Not many words passed between us, nor were needed as the beautiful, unifying bond of yoga was our connection, and so it is fitting that I dedicate these few syllables to Chris, on the day of her funeral.

Bonded by Breathing
Harmonious in Movement
Namaste Sister