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Friday, 31 January 2014

Sheep Trending at Hardwick

Shaggy's 'funky-chic'
sheepishly strutting her stuff
trending at Hardwick

I could not resist a light hearted haiku here!

My mental meandering gripe when traveling around the countryside here in the UK is the state of sheep marking...!
"Why do they have to mark those poor fluffies with such an ugly aesthetic!?"
The sheep are not aware of course! ~ I think?
But ~  it does rather spoil my view of the country idyll seeing huge splodges of red, blue,
or black carelessly daubed over the poor little mites !

~ bla~bla~bla

Now here's a sheep worthy of the grandeur of her surroundings,
with her turquoise tufts, and multi-coloured tab-rings
I'm not a snob you understand!
But my Shaggy stands as an inspiration and aspiration to all of her contemporaries,
or should I say country cousin cohort farmers!

Wonder if it's going to catch on, watch this space...

Sending my light hearted haiku to ~>

Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

More on Energy...

I've been focusing on energy these last few posts,
thinking of that 'Vast Ball of Energy' our sun...
and to think that I might "cast my weight behind it" and make any difference... Lol.

But yes I do actually, we all do, we all make a difference, our individual and collective energy...

I got to thinking about other people's energy, how they use their energy and the affect it can have.  I thought about my younger days when I visited the homes of friends and family I would look for the energy of that home and homemaker, with things like interiors, comfort, food preparation and relaxation. I would look for the positive benefits there and try to incorporate these element into my own home life.

Later on when the search for positive energy moved onto a spiritual plane, again I would look for energy patterns to enrich my own life.  Here however, I found the search not quite so easy, identifying a source of positive energy that would resonate with me, the problem being the multitude of teachers with their own formulas of what a spiritually energized path would look like.  I often found some detail of the path that didn't look right to me!

In the past and more recently I have researched many spiritual faiths and philosophies each with a plethora of ideas constantly vying for attention within my mind, me the 'seeker'.  This in itself can be confusing even exhausting and whilst I do see that we can pickup on the energy of others, teachers and gurus, I do believe that none have the ultimate 'path formula'! It is an individual thing, we make the detail of our own path through inward inquiry to see if  we can walk it... 


Their loving energy can be recognized shared and capitalized for the collective, it can be transmuted into a positive energy field, this is what interests me. Evolving human consciousness can be found everywhere, it is based on basic principles not the detailed instruction of lineage etc.

Share your thoughts please I would love to know......

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Creating photo stories with Meaning & Metaphor #2

Yesterday I posted about these lyrics,

."All I need is a sign to get behind the sun and cast my weight".

I played with my images and
I became a bird flying close to the sun.

In the evening I watched the Chronicles of Narnia,
sometimes a good film can give you a creative boost and supply just what is needed,
metaphor and symbols for our own lives, I was particularly warmed when the heroin Susan
was crowned ~  "To the Radiant Southern Sun, I give you Queen Susan the Gentle"

This fitted in beautifully with my vision of flying close to the sun to energize and gain strength to face life's ups and downs in the moments... I view myself as a gentle character needing just a little boost for ~~~>
'fierce fighter love'!

For basic instructions on how to achieve the above simple digital doodles visit the previous post...

Speaking of which I will now post my own to ~~~>

Postcards from Paradise
Recuerda mi Corazon 

Friday, 17 January 2014

Creating a photo story with Meaning & Metaphor

Photo Stories with Meaning and Metaphor:

."All I need is a sign to get behind the sun and cast my weight",
these lyrics were on my mind....
and so these images started firing my imagination!

and all of a sudden I'm seeing suns

and birds...
and ~>
Like a bird "I am able to fly behind the sun and cast my weight",
I am energized to create, to add meaning to my photographs, turn them into stories!
It's amazing how a little photo therapy can brighten your day...
For the unenlightened - here's how you can do this very simple digital doodle in a few clicks: 
Browse your image file for an appropriate image, the more abstract the better!
Look at the images see if one speaks to you, imagine what you can see in there, look for shapes.
Now make a simple stick drawing using Windows 7 Paint (or other) on the top of your photo.
Save to your file under another name
Click on  fotoflexer here
Click on Upload Photo
Click Upload photo from your computer
Double click on your saved image
When image arrives click on the white surrounding the image to clarify 
Click animations
Click animated stickers
Click on your sun

Click on add sticker then play around with it...have fun, click on the sun again and see if you can fill it with hearts !
Last click save/save to my computer.

Be sure to let me know if you had a go
and if I can help with anything
you could email me too.....x 

I'm going to be posting more on how to create photo stories that have meaning and metaphor, you could too!

Monday, 13 January 2014

All I need is a Sign...


Clarity  Energy  Vitality  Brave  'Action'

These are the words rising for me, I know I'm late for good intentions 2014, but these things can't be rushed....

Insert from journal ~

I have had a few epiphanies in my life and this is one serious epiphany! 
I have recently felt in a static place, a dense, hemmed in state of mind and I need a release! 
I had the feeling there would be a 'key' that would unlock the reason for these feelings, 
I thought the 'key' might come to me in the form of a word and thereby release me
that I would adopt this word for 2014!

Listening to these lyrics by 'Air' I sensed a rise in my spirit ~" all I need is a sign to get behind the sun and cast my weight ...."  At that point this was exactly how felt, I could do this, I could add my weight, my energy to the sun and it would make a difference!  A difference not only to me but others too!  That 'sign' came for me in the beauty and loving expressions of brave individuals with 'fierce fighting' natures....

So there was the clarity I'd asked for in my centering meditation prayer, the 'key' word being 'Brave', this was further endorsed by this powerful post offered by Rebecca for Kelly who is battling bravely from day to day ~ ~> Please go and see ~>  *Gathering Light*  

I was baffled and intrigued by the image in this post as I could see an 'iconic' figure of the Virgin but carrying a weapon! So I asked Rebecca the significance thereof, here is her reply in part:  (with kind permission.)
"The artist took an iconic image of the virgin of guadalupe and superimposed half of her as a mexican revolutionary.  i just felt so drawn to that image and even though i do not know your friend, i understand how one must be in touch with her warrior self to do true battles in life. it is interesting to see the virgin, known as all loving and completely compassionate wearing partial clothes of a man and holding a riffle. i feel certain that we must embrace our totality. that in and of itself is the road to healing. to not access "all" of ourselves is never to see fully, or feel complete. i am speaking metaphorically in the sense of not being afraid or shying away from our powers, our strengths, our accomplishments, our fierce love nature!"
Wow, I was bowled over by this and it's implications for my word/phrase/action for 2014,
the words fierce, brave, warrior have been popping up all over the place, I have been pondering how I might increase my own 'fierce love nature', I have some early day impulses! I need a plan....!!

Mornings with Mary
Recuerda mi Corazon

Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Immediacy of 'Now'

One of my favourite ways to write a post is the one of 'immediacy' and 'spontaneity'~>

Having laid for quite awhile in my bed before dawn lifted, feeling somewhat
troubled by the already awakened noise in my head
I sneaked down the stairs determined to set a positive tone
trying hard not to awaken the boys ~> my love and our two mutts...

Opening the blind to a brand new day, there Mr Frost
had already risen before me laying his beautiful white carpet...
and so had The 'Shepherd' who was hovering with his 'red morning warning'!
Whilst kettle was boiling I reached for my friend the lens and we engaged in note taking as follows ~>

Next for the magical elixir tea, then we proceeded to see what our other friends were saying, I remembered at this point some advice from a previous day, needing to keep this thought close I revisited Stephanie of Mango Studio who spoke of  "contentment, accepting and embracing of where we are", and although this 'acceptance' is a serious contender for the monkey mind, it's a constant battle....

My next discovery is over at  The Photographic Sage, through Patricia, who is posting The A~Z of Contemplative Photography, it was in the form of a word that I have never come across before 'Zoetic' meaning "pertaining to life, vital". Talk about synchronicity, this was just what I had been pondering in my bed about vitality and life, that this of all things is what I yearn for...

So there you have it a little impromptu tour of my morning...
I may even choose this word Vitality as my word for the year, I haven't made up my mind yet, still at the pondering stage... I think it is more likely to be a phrase as one seems to be emerging as a result of my 'centering prayer of love' and gaining clarity which I will post about soon if not sooner!

I leave my morning's pondering with thoughts on gratitude, I am grateful for the connectedness that this on-line space offers,
for the efforts each one of us make in supporting another, by our words, by sharing encouragement, by showing love and compassion to those in need.

I would like to mention that the 'Call to gather for 
Healing & Strength' 
is happening today on
Catherine Beerda-Basso's
Facebook Event Page
Please visit and offer a candle for Kelly who has written the most beautiful post at:  Umberdove

Sending to: 
Postcards from Paradise
Recuerda mi Corazon

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

When the Student is Ready...


They say when the 'student is ready to learn the teacher appears!

I'm feeling the scales fall off of my eyes,
I asked for clarity after my centering prayer of love,  * found here*
and I am so happy to say my prayers are being answered...
I will be expanding on this in the days to come, the
power of prayer (however that shapes for you),
along with my personal experience and lesson learning.
I'm feeling a little stunned right now,
I need to ponder this further, and the full significance,
it is That Powerful!

But for now with regard to what I have just said about scales
I would like to draw your attention to the image above.
When I edit my images a few always speak to me, I save the ones that do.
Very often I'm not sure why they call to me but I trust and,
sure enough the story to match the image will arise!
This is my intuitive gift, although it is there for all,
not just unique to me. I will be expanding on
this in the days to come,
how we can use our images for therapy,
personal story telling and more!

I recently had the privilege of posting as a guest about my love of photography
on the wonderful blog of Patricia at ~>   A Photographic Sage
If you would like an insight into the subjects I will be touching on in the future please visit her blog.
Patricia is a prolific poster, with volumes of information on an alternative view to photography.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Contemplating the Mary Journey

She could have been anyone's

the details I could not say....
for she was travelling alone like the rest of us,
on a journey to somewhere, this we had in common
and, she was alone with her thoughts too like me
it seemed, heavy or light I could not be sure,
but for sure both would play their part on
some scale sooner or later, and like
me and you she would
need a mother
we all do.

Linking with
Mornings with Mary
Recuerda mi Corazon

Saturday, 4 January 2014

My Heart sends out a Call for Love & Light

I am re-posting a picture I have posted before!!
You may have missed an aspect of this image the first time?
It is right there in the clouds of the sky just above the trees, do you see it now?

Yes it's my heart and it goes out to all of you,
I have been stirred to contact all of my 'soul sisters' to join hands and hearts across the globe
in solidarity to support one beautiful person, Kelly.  

She needs the world wide web of 'sisterhood' at present to energize her with love
as she goes through the most trying of times, you can read about it here:

Please drop by and add one more heartfelt comment of energizing love...x

Friday, 3 January 2014

The Nudge

I felt the nudge too
as the 'timekeeper' promised
my heart stirred once more...

Haiku my Heart
Home to small sentences,
big hearts,
big love...

Recuerda mi Corazon

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dismantling Christmas!

Oh the relief!
Happy to be on the other side!!

It is raining this morning but that's absolutely fine, for I am reveling in the feeling of peace...
This has emerged a few times over the last year or so and strikes me deep, feelings of just being
in the ordinary moments that are sheer bliss in the absence of stressful situations, I luxuriate here...
And the dismantling is already happening, the flickering reindeer lights started to fall off a day or two ago,
I begin to pack away the remainder and the memories a little at a time, no need to hurry, all's well...
My love washes dishes as I type, Chill radio plays the familiar, beautiful, mellow cello, I feel at home,
the pulse of life back to normal, that is my feeling of equilibrium ~>
"a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.
"the task is the maintenance of social equilibrium""
'Social equilibrium' the thing to be aimed for and yet each year Christmas feels far
from this for me, all the expectations of the season weigh so heavy on me,
my nature is quite introverted, social gathering always amount to the
same thing, feelings of confusion, overwhelm and so on...
Each year I promise myself next year will be different.

So I suppose my new year's intention is to make it so, to be brave,
to be honest with myself, and look to where I need to make changes,
to action my intentions not just with Christmas but every other intuitive nudge.

For now I am just being in this space, waiting for those gentle nudges,  readying myself for the ~> ACTION!