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Monday, 27 June 2011

Postcards from Paradise #11 Hot Off the Press

My plans are coming to fruition,
here is my invitation
The Letting-Go Yoga & Art Retreat
We already have eight names another two and we're away............

our campervan calls,
so we have to respond
we'll go wherever she directs.
I have a feeling it will be the Welsh Mountains!

So will be visiting all of you petals when Celeste brings me home!

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Friday, 24 June 2011

Haiku my Heart #31 ~ Let's Party!

icing on the cake

a sprinkling of honey dust
Haiku Heart's Party 

Congratulations Dear Rebecca
 One year of Sweet Delights!


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

More Strange Sights up North

Holy Island's 
Redundant Herring Fleet
 Boats turned up-side-down, 
now making 'shabby chic' sheds.
Recycling has been going on 
for ages here,
'make do and mend',
still smelling a bit 'fishy' though!

I was overjoyed at the sight
of these up-turned boats on the seashore, 
they are relics from the past 
adding enchantment to the island,
an atmosphere of ancient times still lingering on.

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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Postcards from Paradise #10 ~ Fiery Dragons Sighted!

Yet more strange and beautiful places
waited for us on our journey North
Holy Island
There's a strong spiritual presence here
as indicated by the name,
 being the base for Christian
evangelising in AD 635.
Lindisfarne Priory is famous for
 the illuminated manuscript known as the
the Lindisfarne Gospels ~ 
illustrated Latin copy of
Mathew, Mark, Luke  & John.
thought to have been made here in 700s
It was reported by The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle ~
"Vikings raided Lindisfarne in 793 
In this year fierce, foreboding omens
came over the land of Northumbria. 
There were excessive whirlwinds, lightning storms,
and fiery dragons were seen flying in the sky. 
These signs were followed by great famine, 
on January 8th the ravaging of heathen men 
destroyed God's church at Lindisfarne".
The island itself is an oddity
it joins the mainland by a causeway
 of about 3 miles,
 you must check the tides before
venturing there otherwise
you're likely to be stranded overnight,
who would want to risk that?
With all those ~

Fiery Dragons Flying Around

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Friday, 17 June 2011

Haiku my Heart #30 Journey Home

noticing beauty
in random acts of kindness
is the journey home

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Recuerda mi Corazon

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Full Strawberry Moon Dreamboard

Today I decided to dream under the full moon
 along with Jamie Ridler and company.
This is my intuitive creation,
 I had forgotten how relaxing and therapeutic
cutting, ripping and glueing can be!

As usual, it was a totally intuitive process
and this is what I'm reading into it~

Lots of red for energy, 
I have to pace myself these days
due to the lack of it.
Fresh fruit to give me energy, cherry picked 
denoting quality,  I'm worth it!

 A pop of yellow bringing sunshine into my life.
Through the corner of my eye though, matters
of the heart are catching my attention,
I'm learning lessons!

Yin Yang reminds me of balance,
whilst the stiletto heel is saying be a shade braver!
This is timely advice for me, 
which I intend to take
I'm planning my own Art & Yoga retreat
 where I will be leading on art,
collage dreamboards
are top of the list!

Wish me Luck!

If you haven't dreamboarded before
 now is the time, it's great fun, 
see others for inspiration 
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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Strange Days Continued ....

After returning from my strange day
on the beach, the evening 
turned out to be just as eerie,
This building seemed to attract my attention
 through the steamed up camper van 
window, I didn't know why?
Something about the windows
of the upstairs rooms.
It felt like the house was devoid of life,
only a  2D silhouette cut-out  against the sunset.
Not realising at the time I took this shot,
but when I studied it later on
it became evident that
this house had been

It's a funny thing my intuition knew all along!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Strange Days - Reading the Signs

Ministry of Defence Warning -
Beware of Metal Objects
Quick Sand!

The approach through the dunes felt very eerie.
The dogs usually pulling on the lead
to get to the beach, not this day!

Eventually we reached the sand,
yes sand as far as the eye could see,
like a flat desert, perhaps I could 
see a small strip of water in the distance 
it may have been a mirage though!

My first inclination was to turn back,
I'd had too many nightmares
 of sinking down into mud oblivion,
my love took delight in teasing me 
whilst coaxing me on.
"Okay then" I said, "just on the edge",
 making sure not to stray
towards the dunes again
for fear of unexploded metal objects
laying in wait of ambush,
or to let my feet venture off the
dry sand onto the wet sucking you under stuff!

After awhile feeling a little more calm
we let the boys off the lead as we usually do, 
but strangely they kept right beside us
 not bounding miles away with excitement.

The dogs did raise a little interest however, 
as we approached a skeleton!
It looked like a horse,
and then Dougal found a half eaten rabbit 
which I quickly retrieved.

What a strange day, 
not at all what we expected,
 and yet, as I look back now
 it had some kind of beauty.
It's the way you read it!

I think my apprehension was being
 picked up by the dogs,
they are keen to sense any alarm.
As it turned out one of the locals back 
at base said she'd been walking her dog
 there for years and laughed at
 the quicksand sign saying you can 
only manage to sink one's foot!
Strange and beautiful sightings
to be continued ...........

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Intention Setting #1

I'm back from my break,
not sure how I'm feeling about being home
just at the moment, the sea is still calling!
I've been thinking about the word 'break'
and how a break from the familiar
provides a gap to look at the everyday
from a different perspective,
giving more clarity?
I got to thinking about 
what's really important?
Thinking about this last year or so,
the journey here on-line,
and off-line for that matter,
where I'm at?
My journey feels a bit like my break really,
one day full of sunshine, another quite hazy,
sometimes predictable, 
other times rather strange,
 fascinatingly beautiful.
One thing that does seem clear though,
I need to 'let go' more
rely on my intuition,
both on-line and in my life.

One of the ways I intend to do this is by 
writing more intuitively,
 coming from a place at the core of me,
my essence, as I endeavour to do through my images.

This break has impacted upon me
at many levels,  
in strange and beautiful ways!

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